Get involved

Your involvement in Kipina’s program is a key pillar in our mission. Research shows that parental engagement in early childhood settings, to support the learning and development of their children has greater positive outcomes in the primary grades. Kipina runs seminars for all parents on the program and the way we teach it. We also invite parents to commit to attending the first few classes with their children to help them integrate easily into their new environment. Parents are also welcome to volunteer in their child’s classroom to understand their child’s program more intimately and to support various activities.

Through our online parent portal you will have access to a daily planner and you will know exactly what activities your child is doing every single day.


Kipina holds a series of parental workshops each term. Key speakers,psychologists, doctors, scientists, lifestyle gurus,share the latest information, theories, and methods of child rearing. These workshops are free and cover many areas of interest to parents as you guide their children through the challenging early childhood years. If there is something you particularly want to address in a workshop tell us and we’ll track down the experts and even arrange an international video conference if our parents show interest.The workshop times and dates are listed on our activities calendar on our website and Facebook page. Discussions triggered by the workshops continue on our Facebook page.

Preparing your child

Parents are encouraged to support your child by being present in their classroom for the first few days while their child integrates into new classroom surroundings. Parents are also welcome to volunteer in your child’s classroom to help support the teacher or certain activities.


CCTV cameras are used throughout the nursery. Parents can access the cameras via mobile phone apps or a webpage in real time to check on children and it’s all password protected.

As a Kipina parent you will have free access to a secure online portal where you can explore your child’s daily activities, review your child’s records such as allergies, medications, authorized guardians, and check invoices and payments in real time.

Support for working parents

Kipina has been designed to support working parents, so we are open when you need us to be.

Kipina is open 5 days a week from 7am to 6.30pm to give you maximum flexibility.

We also have an easy, transparent flat fee system without any additional extra fees. The details can be found in the Enrollment section.