In Practical Terms

Unless you believe the world is flat, by now you probably already know that there is a lot of scientific evidence that significant brain development occurs during the first three years of life, and what happens in these early years sets trajectories in a child’s development that will last throughout their life.

Exploration, stimulation, guided play and independent enquiry are the key to Kipina’s approach. And we come at it from all sides; cognitive, language, literacy, numeracy, creativity, social skills, and physical development.

We create environments where children are safe and comfortable and our experienced educators adjust the teaching according to the child. There is no “one size fits all” mentality at Kipinä.


Kipinä nurseries and preschools come with full-time qualified nurses onsite every day.  You can put children in a padded room to protect against bumps and bruises, but the world is not padded. It’s a fascinating place. There are trees, gardens, rocks, insects, thorns, steps, footballs, tricycles and headless dolls. There are viruses, colds, nits and other annoying things that your child will encounter in life. From time to time your child, or someone else’s child will bite, push or grab hair, when he can’t find the words he needs to express himself.

We encourage parents to be protective but realistic and trust that in a loving, watchful environment, kids don’t have to live in plastic bubbles, and everything will be alright.


We teach respect, responsibility, integrity, self-discipline and compassion because children do not come pre-wired with a sense of justice, fairness and balance. This enables children to grow into thinking, caring and ethical young people, with a deep sense of connection to themselves and others.



Our preschools and nurseries are safe, clean, and hygenic. The design concept is soft and sleek similar to Scandinavian models, supporting sustainability and eco-friendly materials, designed to inspire imagination and innovation, without clutter and distractions. We focus on activity based learning, where the children create their toys, rather than play with a pre-made commercial product.

Our facilities are equipped the latest learning tools, resources and technologies such as interactive digital whiteboards, projectors, child-friendly computers, digital tablets, and audiovisual equipment.

The “Imaginarium” provides children with resources and tools to create, explore, socialize and collaborate. Kipina also has both indoor and outdoor play areas.

We are sugar-free, because sugar is the enemy.


As a working parent, whether you are managing Facebook, or managing the family home, you have enough to worry about. When you entrust your child to Kipina you deserve straight forward, honest and timely communication.

We may be guilty of over-communicating. You will hear from us regularly. We will send pics of your child. We will send surveys and ask for your feedback, and we will take that feedback seriously. Ask any of our existing parents and we are sure they will tell you that we do listen and we take responsibility.

In every Kipina preschool there are CCTV cameras which you can either view from inside the preschool (in a private room) or from a mobile app.